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Uniden MHS135DSC Handheld Marine Radio

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Uniden Part#: MHS135DSC 050633501467 - Uniden MHS135DSC Handheld Marine Radio

Uniden MHS135DSC Handheld VHF Marine Radio with GPS and DSC. The MHS135DSC submersible marine radio provides access to all VHF channels for the U.S., Canada, and international waters, plus ten weather channels and NOAA alerts. With a rechargeable battery and eight hours of talk time, you can take this radio out on long trips with confidence. Smart features like Digital Selective Calling, built-in GPS, and an emergency strobe light help ensure your safety on the water. This marine radio signals your precise location with its built-in GPS system, so you can get help fast if you need it. You can also use the GPS system to save up to 100 locations-such as favorite fishing spots-to your radio. You can then sail back to those locations easily. The body of the handheld marine radio is sealed to prevent water from entering and is fully submersible. Drop it in the water, and it will float to the surface for easy retrieval and will continue to operate without loss of functionality. The Uniden marine radio features a DSC distress call that will signal an SOS when the user is in trouble. With the touch of a button, the GPS provides position, identity, and distress type. Use this feature to send an automated call every few minutes until another radio signals receipt. With a backlit LCD display and glowing keypad, this handheld marine radio is easy to read and operate in any light. The screen displays radio channel, frequency, GPS information, and more. The glowing keys are easy to operate in the dark. Using the included AC/DC power cords, you can charge the lithium-ion battery from several sources, so your radio is always powered up and ready to go. Use the AC charge cord from a household outlet. Use the DC cord to charge the battery from most vehicles. Charge the battery fully before heading out, and enjoy eight hours of talk time. Dimensions: 5.9 x 3 x 8.7 inches. Warranty: Three years parts and labor


  • Built in GPS with DSC features.
  • GPS compass and temperature display
  • Submersible/Floats
  • Power Boost PTT Key
  • Emergency strobe/flashlight

Catalog Numbers:

  • S10376127


  • 050633501467
  • 041114435951
  • 080000256898
  • 041114118908
  • 066511608197
  • 088021264656
  • 031111186277
  • 071021077173
  • 054566722586
  • 088038001435


  • 0031111186277
  • Manufacturer: Uniden
  • Part Number: MHS135DSC
  • Model: MHS135DSC