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Shakespeare Extension 1-Feet Mast

Old price : $28.85

Shakespeare Part#: 4364 719441140106 - Shakespeare Extension 1-Feet Mast

Shakespeare extension masts can be used to extend the reach of smaller marine antennas by increasing their height above the water, or by helping them clear obstructions that would otherwise interfere with proper radiation. Shorter masts are useful for mounting marine TV antennas, GPS receivers, marine satellite TV dishes and the like.


  • Use extensions to increase the height of any antenna, thus effectively increasing its range
  • Extensions also serve to raise antennas to avoid onboard obstructions or sources of signal interference
  • White molded polycarbonate male upper and female lower ferrules with 1"-14 threads

Catalog Numbers:

  • 4364 R00887
  • MSS986358C02


  • 719441140106


  • 0719441140106
  • Manufacturer: Shakespeare
  • Part Number: 4364
  • Model: 3003.4299