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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Trout


Pure Fishing Part#: 1264522 043388306043 - Shakespeare Catch More Fish Trout

Shakespeare understands that if kids can catch fish more easily, they'll be more likely to enjoy themselves. Beginning anglers will catch more fish—and have more fun—with the Catch More Fish Combos. They make getting into fishing easy because they're ready to fish right out of the box. Each one is pre-rigged with Stern fishing line and Berkley PowerBait lures chosen to catch certain kinds of fish or succeed in specific environments. Plus, each one comes with a rigging guide—a great knot-tying and bait-choosing resource to help kids learn the ropes.


  • Two - 2 inch inline spinner baits
  • Four - 1 inch Red and white bobbers
  • Four - snap swivels, size #12
  • Inline spinner baits
  • Floating rig
  • Comes in a single tackle box


  • 043388306043
  • 796793622719


  • 0796793622719
  • Manufacturer: Pure Fishing
  • Part Number: 1264522
  • Color: Trout