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Sewell Silverback Banana Plugs, 24k Gold Dual Screw Lock Speaker Connector, 12 Pairs

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Sewell Development Corp. Dba Sewell Direct Part#: SW-29751-12 521227790807 - Sewell Silverback Banana Plugs, 24k Gold Dual Screw Lock Speaker Connector, 12 Pairs

The Silverback banana plugs have the quality you've come to expect from Sewell. With gold-plated connectors, heavy-duty casing and the strongest screw locking design. What sets these banana plugs apart is its unique 2 screw lock design. This connection will secure your cable more than a single screw, or open screw design. Dual screw connectivity provides a secure connection, durability, and the most crisp and clear signal possible with more signal transmission through contact. Similar to our Pro Maestro banana plug, this easy solder-less installation only requires a small flat head screw driver and four steps. Loosen the screws and feed the speaker cable into the silverback. Lock down the cable with both screws. Screw the banana plug back together. You're finished. All in all you should only need 30 seconds for this entire operation. Today, many electronics use the banana plug interface, also known as binding post (referring to this connection in its female form). This female binding post connection that accepts this banana plug is found commonly on virtually all audio/video receivers, speaker wall plates, and more. Banana plugs offer an alternative to inserting a bare speaker wire into the equipment. Often a bare speaker connection is not as reliable as a guaranteed banana plug connection. Wires tend to get pulled out or frizzy after time passes. Banana plugs require only one install, giving you a permanent and robust connector at the end of your speaker wire.


  • 24K gold plating on the Connectors for a lifetime of use, with a crystal clear signal
  • Double screws, when properly fastened, are said to be as effective as soldering, but clearly with much less hassle.
  • Accepts wire size up to 4mm
  • The casing unscrews over the tip, so you don't have to worry about keeping it on the cable when installing. For a hassle-free solution


  • 521227790807
  • 685289197513
  • 639767409001
  • 971481905163
  • 088021149465
  • 685289029753
  • 071020507381
  • 747725478690


  • 0685289029753
  • Manufacturer: Sewell Development Corp. Dba Sewell Direct
  • Part Number: SW-29751-12
  • Model: SW-29751-12
  • Label: Sewell Development Corp. dba Sewell Direct