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NGK Spark Plugs ILFR6G Spark Plugs

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Ngk Spark Plugs Part#: 4212 087295042120 - NGK Spark Plugs ILFR6G Spark Plugs

NGK iridium plugs represent the ultimate evolution of spark plug technology and performance. The iridium center electrode is both stronger and harder than platinum. This tapered cut iridium center electrode reduces the voltage requirement for spark. This


  • Extreme Long Life Laser Iridium Plug - Iridium Tipped Fine Wire Center Electrode with Platinum Tipped Ground Electrode
  • NGK Part# ILFR6GE

Catalog Numbers:

  • 228092


  • 087295042120


  • 0087295042120
  • Manufacturer: Ngk Spark Plugs
  • Part Number: 4212
  • Model: 3000.6927
  • Label: NGK Spark Plugs

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