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Nautilus Lifeline Pocket Pouch (Black and Orange)


Nautilus Lifeline Part#: NLLPOUCH03 855871001027 - Nautilus Lifeline Pocket Pouch (Black and Orange)

Take your Nautilus Lifeline with you on any activity with confidence knowing that it is safely and securely attached to you or your gear.  Sleek and snug to your Lifeline, move freely and unhindered with radio and GPS capability always within reach.  While your radio is in use, the Lifeline Pouch's tether brings added security in the slippery conditions at sea.  Easy to fasten and unfasten, this is a must-have for any Lifeline user.  Keep your Lifeline at hand and any boat is just a quick call away.


  • Keeps your Nautilus Lifeline secure on your person or on your gear
  • Snug to your Lifeline, move freely with confidence
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Tether for added security while your Lifeline is in use


  • 855871001027


  • 0855871001027
  • Manufacturer: Nautilus Lifeline
  • Part Number: NLLPOUCH03
  • Model: NL-1002
  • Color: Black and Orange