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Five Oceans Universal Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 5/16" FO-3100

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Five Oceans Part#: 3100 758524794645 - Five Oceans Universal Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 5/16" FO-3100

This Five Oceans' reinforced fuel line for outboard motors comes with primer bulb and 5/16" hose.
Suitable for Boats, RVs, Tractors, and Caravans, this rubber bulb is made from new materials that let you use it in a wide temperature range.

Premium quality rubber bulb with built in check valve offers superior resistance to U/V, ozone and alcohol enhanced fuel. No EPA, for export only.
Upgrade older tanks to the latest low-permeation fuel line standards with this fuel line assembly.
It includes a premium quality rubber bulb and fuel hose, 360 stainless steel hose clamps. Fully compatible with Ethanol blended fuels.


Prime Bulb w/ Fuel Line, 5/16"
Hose Size: 5/16"
Fuel Demand Valve: Yes
Ethanol Compatible: Yes
Disclaimer: Product does not come with engine or tank fittings, as it is just a universal fuel line.



  • Length: 6FT
  • Universal Fuel Line 5/16"
  • Compatible with Ethanol Blended Fuels
  • Premium Quality Rubber Bulb
  • Dual check valves allow priming in multiple orientations without restricting fuel flow


  • 758524794645


  • 0758524794645
  • Manufacturer: Five Oceans
  • Part Number: 3100
  • Color: Grey / Black