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Kayalu Gear Toughbar 10.5" extension arm for RAM Mounts | Manufactured by Kayalu featuring RAM Mounts components

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Kayalu Part#: KLA-5007 654367416327 - Kayalu Gear Toughbar 10.5" extension arm for RAM Mounts | Manufactured by Kayalu featuring RAM Mounts components

The Kayalu Toughbar® is a premium-grade 10.5"" (26.7 cm) stainless steel extension arm compatible with all RAM Mounts assemblies using a RAM 1-inch "B" ball, including camera mounts, GPS mounts, iPhone / iPod mounts, fishfinder mounts — virtually any device mount that uses RAM Mounts' popular 1-inch ball- and-socket system.

The KLA-5007 Toughbar extends your existing RAM Mounts assembly by 10.5". We also offer an 8.5" Toughbar (KLA-5006) and a Toughbar Elbow (KLA-5010) that includes both an 8.5" and 10.5" arm.

The Toughbar is hand-built in our Boston workshop, integrating two RAM Mounts marine-grade anodized aluminum 1-inch "B" balls and a RAM Mounts high-strength composite socket arm. These RAM components are assembled with a high-grade stainless steel extension rod, UV-resistant PVC tubing, and Loctite® threadlocker.

The Toughbar's socket arm provides an extra degree of freedom and versatility, sporting a large handle for easy repositioning and locking.

The Toughbar is compatible with:

 • All RAM Mounts "B" ball assemblies
 • Kayalu clamp and suction mounts

IMPORTANT: If mounted in a moving vehicle (i.e. car, truck, bike) an extension arm may develop a resonant vibration from road noise. Like the vibration of a tuning fork, such vibration is not a result of flexing materials or poor design, it is a result of physics of forced, resonant vibration. While Toughbars are among the most popular extensions sold worldwide, some experimentation in positioning may be helpful in dampening vibration to improve performance. All Kayalu products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kayalu is an authorized Reseller of RAM Mounting Systems. Made and assembled in the USA.


  • Premium materials including marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum and high-strength composite.
  • Extends any RAM Mount compatible GPS mount, camera mount, phone mount, marine mount or automotive mount.
  • Toughbar® is the only multi-jointed extension arm available for RAM Mounts products.
  • Includes original RAM Mounts components including two powder-coated aluminum balls and a double-socket coupler arm.
  • Kayalu Gear is an authorized Reseller of RAM Mounting Systems Inc.


  • 654367416327


  • 0654367416327
  • Manufacturer: Kayalu
  • Part Number: KLA-5007
  • Model: KLA-5007