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i.Trek GPS air vent mount with metal spring clips compatible with Garmin Nuvi GPS

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I.trek Part#: IG-A07 720825765334 - i.Trek GPS air vent mount with metal spring clips compatible with Garmin Nuvi GPS

i.Trek IG-A07 removable Garmin Nuvi GPS air vent mount pedestal can be moved easily from vehicle to vehicle without damaging your vents. The new and improved design allows for use with both vertical and horizontal air vents. The Garmin Nuvi standard 17 mm ball joint will fit all Garmin Nuvi GPS brackets. Compatible Garmin models but not limited to:Garmin Nuvi aera® 500 510 550 560 dēzl 560LMT 570LMT 770LMTHD 1100 1100LM 1200 1250 1260T 1300 1300LM 1300T 1350 1350LMT 1350T 1370T 1390LMT 1390T 1450 1450LMT 1490LMT 1490T 200 200W 205 205W 2200 2250 2250LT 2300 2300LM 2350 2350LMT 2350LT 2360LMT 2360LT 2370LT 2450 2450LM 2455LM 2455LMT 2455LT 2457LMT 2460LMT 2460LT 2475LT 2495LMT 2497LMT 250 250W 2539LMT 255 2555LM 2555LMT 2555LT 2557LMT 2558LMTHD 2559LMT 255W 2577LT 2589LMT 2595LMT 2597LMT 2598LMTHD 2599LMTHD 260 260W 2639LMT 265T 265WT 2689LMT 2699LMTHD 270 275T 295W 30 3450 3450LM 3490LMT 350 3550LM 3590LMT 3597LMTHD 360 370 3750 3760LMT 3760T 3790LMT 3790T 40 40LM 42 42LM 44 44LM 465LMT 465T 50 500 5000 50LM 52 52LM 54 54LM 55 550 55LM 55LMT 56 56LM 56LMT 57 57LM 57LMT 58 58LM 58LMT 610 65LM 65LMT 66LM 66LMT 67LM 67LMT 680 68LM 68LMT 750 755T 760 765T 770 775T 780 785T 850 855 880 885T LM LMT LMTHD NUVI GPS LM LMT LMTHD GPS


  • The all metal spring clip is more durable and supports heavier weights
  • Spring clip can be rotated to support both horizontal and vertical AC vents
  • Garmin 17mm Ball joint can swivel in any direction for best viewing angle
  • Bottom support can swivel left and right to support curved dash
  • Vent mount compatible with but not limited to: Garmin Nuvi 52LM 2555LMT 2597LMT 2557LMT 50LM 42LM 2595LMT 40LM 54 65LM


  • 720825765334


  • 0720825765334
  • Manufacturer: I.trek
  • Part Number: IG-A07
  • Model: IG-A07
  • Label: i.Trek