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Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

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Chattem Inc. Part#: 8047 041167080474 - Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

Smart Relief offers powerful, portable relief muscle pain or chronic pain associate with arthritis by bringing TENS technology to pain sufferers in a convenient, affordable way. FDA approved for relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis. Blocks the body's pain signals by sending gentle electrical pulses along the nerve, which reach the brain before the pain signals do. The electrical pulses of Smart Relief are generated by a small, battery-powered device. Smart Relief offers 63 customizable intensity levels; is safe, FDA approved, easy to use with no wires, no assembly and no prescription needed. Icy Hot Smart Relief Tens Starter Kit includes a control unit, 3V battery, reusable electrode pad and a user guide.


  • PORTABLE, AT HOME TENS Pain Relief: Icy Hot's SmartRelief TENS Starter Kit is wireless & easy to wear & use. This unit has 63 intensity levels, & includes a reusable electrode pad designed for targeting muscular and chronic pain.
  • EASY TO USE: Portable, battery powered, & easy to use, SmartRelief TENS Pain Relief products are made for use at home, work, or during daily activities. TENS Pain Relief works by blocking pain signals at the nerves & is safe, effective pain relief.
  • Relieves painful muscles & joints


  • 041167080474


  • 0041167080474
  • Manufacturer: Chattem Inc.
  • Part Number: 8047