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Fortress Part#: FX23 647124120230 - Anchor

In test after test conducted around the world, no other anchor has set faster or matched the holding power of the Fortress anchor. In U.S. Navy tests, the Fortress had twice the holding power of its closest competition. Precision machined from a rust-proof, high-tensile aluminum magnesium alloy, Fortress anchors are able to penetrate deeper into most sea bottoms and outperform heavier, dull-edged steel anchors that weigh twice as much. Fortress anchors are not just stronger, but lighter. Adjustable fluke angles for superior holding power in sand and mud bottoms. Disassembles for easy storage. Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty. Handsome yet durable anodized finish. 90 day money back guarantee.


  • Boat Length - Max (Feet) NONE
  • Construction NONE
  • Weight (lbs) NONE

Catalog Numbers:

  • FX-23
  • FX-23 R02752


  • 647124120230
  • 086000068424


  • 0086000068424
  • Manufacturer: Fortress
  • Part Number: FX23
  • Model: FX-23