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Doctor On Board: A Guide to Dealing with Medical Emergencies

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Sheridan House Part#: colour illustrations, figures - Doctor On Board: A Guide to Dealing with Medical Emergencies

Whether in coastal waters or on high seas, any medical crisis aboard a boat requires swift and efficient attention in order to ensure the safety of the casualty, and the crew in general, and avoid further harm.

This hands-on, fully illustrated guide is the perfect quick medical reference for any sailing trip. With clear color photos and a simple descriptive text. Hauert shows the medical novice exactly how to tackle an extensive range of injuries, illnesses, and potentially dangerous situations when urgent action is necessary.

Be ready to:
Administer life-saving first aid when an emergency arises - be it severe bleeding, choking, shock, burns, or frostbite.

Recognize the symptoms of a wide range of common and more unusual illnesses from conjunctivitis and food poisoning to heart attack and appendicitis.

Treat and medicate a variety of sailing-based injuries such as concussion, broken ribs, fractured fingers, and twisted ankles.

Complete with immunization advice, a list of useful contacts while at sea, and suggestions for a comprehensive first aid kit, this is the essential medical handbook for any sailing trip--whether along the coast or offshore.


  • 9781574092981
  • Manufacturer: Sheridan House
  • Part Number: colour illustrations, figures