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Bearing Buddy (2047) Bearing Buddy with Bra

Old price : $24.95

Bearing Buddy Part#: 2047 650209424017 - Bearing Buddy (2047) Bearing Buddy with Bra

Bearing Buddy replaces the dust cap in the axle hub, which is filled with grease through the Bearing Buddy. When the wheels are submerged, pressure from the spring loaded piston keeps the water out.



  • Prevents wheel bearing failure
  • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
  • Eliminates the need for bearing re-packing
  • Stainless Steel components
  • Easy installation - instruction included


  • 650209424017


  • 0650209424017
  • Manufacturer: Bearing Buddy
  • Part Number: 2047
  • Model: 2047