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Uniden Atlantis270 Atlantis 270 Handheld Floating 2-Way 6W VHF Marine Radio - Black

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Uniden Part#: Atlantis270 042111188864 - Uniden Atlantis270 Atlantis 270 Handheld Floating 2-Way 6W VHF Marine Radio - Black

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Uniden Atlantis 270

The Uniden Atlantis 270 features all NOAA emergency weather channels, as well as all USA, International, and Canadian marine channels. It meets JIS7/IPX7 submersible waterproof standards, and it floats/ The PowerBoost key ensures longer battery life and extra-long range when needed in an emergency. The Atlantis' brilliant backlit LCD display makes it easy to use, day or night, for the power to go anywhere.

Waterproof specifications

The Atlantis 270 is a submersible radio, complying with floating JIS7/IPX7 water-resistant standards. The radio can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without damage. This radio is great when camping, hiking, or rafting. After the radio is submerged in water, the sound may appear distorted from water still remaining in and around the speaker and microphone. Just shake the radio to clear excess water, and the sound should return to normal. If your radio is exposed to salt water, clean it thoroughly with fresh water and dry it before turning it on. The charger is not waterproof.

All NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Alert

This radio comes pre-programmed with NOAA weather channels. The Emergency/Weather Alert allows it to function as a severe weather warning radio and will also alert you to any local or national emergencies. If the NOAA issues warning while this feature is turned On, the radio sounds an alert tone. You will then hear the emergency/weather broadcast.

  • NEW Floating Design
  • IPX7 Submersible Waterproof Level
  • 10-Hour Battery Life
  • Selectable 1 / 2.5 / 6 watt Transmit Power
  • Display Size: 18mm x 37mm
  • Large Easy-to Read Backlit LCD
  • Power Boost Key
  • AC & DC Adapters Included
  • Charging Cradle
  • Glow Seals


  • JIS7/IPX7 Submersible Waterproof level + Designed to Float
  • 1/2.5/6W (VHF) + Power Boost PTT Key
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • Dual and Triple Watch Operation

Catalog Numbers:

  • PV1802496
  • ATLANTIS 270 R10705
  • ATLANTIS 270


  • 042111188864
  • 033111148606
  • 823019884139
  • 041114098606
  • 523161459130
  • 190283091045
  • 090090081966
  • 019918651150
  • 762951669247
  • 097914429171
  • 050633501634
  • 768674032450


  • 0523161459130
  • Manufacturer: Uniden
  • Part Number: Atlantis270
  • Model: Atlantis270
  • Color: Black